medina spreco | artiStic director


My guilty pleasures are: SHOES! And shopping.

I cannot live without: my family. Whether it's my salon family or my home family, they make my life complete!

To me, living beautifully means: living a balanced life. 

My favorite era of style is: the 80s! Love the music, big hair, bright fashion, movies...

My favorite thing about working for Ekskluziv is: the team. There is nothing better than coming to work with an incredibly positive and motivated group of people. 

If I'm not at Ekskluziv, I'm: at Paul Mitchell The School Roanoke teaching artistry to Future Professionals.

My favorite song is: "Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay.

One day, I would love to: travel the world and give back to the less fortunate. 



My guilty pleasures are:  YouTube beauty tutorials, spending too much time on Instagram (and my phone), and shopping by myself so I can take my time.

I cannot live without:  the love of God, my husband and family, my Pomeranian puppies, my Spotify subscription, Diet A&W root beer & Bulletproof coffee.

To me, living beautifully means: shining from the inside out and letting your light brighten someone else's day.

My favorite thing about working for Ekskluziv is: the team. They are so nice & welcoming, as well as talented and inspirational.

If I'm not at Ekskluziv, I'm: at home with my doggies, at church where I sing in our worship band or at Target, because it's my happy place. 

My favorite song is: "Fearless" by For Today

One day, I would love to: go to Hawaii on vacation, and go on a missions trip to work with A21 organizations.  |  (540) 581-4690  |  123 Kirk Ave SW Roanoke Va 24011


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